4 Questions Only The Lost Ways Book Can Answer!

You may not see yourself as a scavenger wearing furs in the wilderness, but we all have those burning questions about how our forefathers survived. Whether it’s a simple fact of how they preserved their food stuffs or whether hunting was possible without ammo, we can’t help but sit back and wonder. In fact, we have to hand it to our ancestors that life in the old days may have appeared simpler, but it was fraught with difficulty due to the absence of modern conveniences.

The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is a book that can answer most or all of your questions about survival, and here are four of them found within its pages:

1. Was hygiene possible without purchasing beauty products?

It apparently was, but the book details exactly how.

2. How did our ancestors make knives with limited tools?

Chapter 12 dedicates quite a few pages to an explanation.

3. How did they make their own alcohol?

Whether you’re looking at ginger beer or stronger stuff, chapters 3 and 4 offer plenty of insight.

4. How did wounds heal without medicine?

Chapter 9 explores natural wound care with found ingredients.

The Lost Ways is guaranteed to answer all of your questions and then some!

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